SMK The Impala Battles V 1 1
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A new battle begins!

In 2002 I released Super Mario Kart - The Impala Battles.  Today, 18 years after the release of The Impala Battles I'm proud to present an updated version which fixes all the issues players had with the original mod. You can see this new version as a small appetizer to the release of Super Mario Kart - Epic Racers.


Please enjoy the classic Impala Battles once again with your friends! And if you like this mod. Please consider leaving a review at RHDN!

Get spooked in the Ghost Valley!

We'll start our new battle in the Ghost Valley! Make use of the tight corners or try a bold move by bumping away the borders. Can your opponent deal with the pitfalls you create?

The floor is lava!

Steaming lava rivers and wide open arena's! Hiding behind the brick walls is key in this battle! The small island in the middle might just save you from a red shell in time!

Cool it off at the beach!

A battle on the beach! All the deep water pools makes it tricky to hit your opponent. Pay good attention to his whereabouts to hit him when he comes up for air!

Mud masters!

Time to get dirty! Fight each other in this sandbox! The one way street can get you out of tight spot. While the mud  pool makes for an ideal arena to settle this battle once and for all!