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Embers of Mana

Mana has disappeared from the world. Monsters roam the land. A young girl in search of her missing family crosses paths with destiny. Will the Mana Tree blossom once again? Or will Darkness reign supreme?


Embers of Mana is a brand new Mana adventure for the Gameboy. A grand adventure awaits you full of mystic locales, exciting story scenes, ominous dungeons and a sweeping Gameboy soundtrack. All playable in the palm of your hand!

Classic Gameplay

This Rom hack of Final Fantasy Adventure will give you the classic gameplay of the beloved ARPGs of yesterday. Final Fantasy adventure is the first entry in the beloved Mana series, it was released in Europa as Mystic Quest and in Japan as Seiken Densetsu.


Embers of Mana will use the classic gameplay of the first Mana game to create a brand new one. Because it is using the same engine, Embers of Mana will feel familiar to fans of the original game, while still giving you a brand new adventure.

Modern design for a classic game

New gameplay elements will be introduced to make Ember of Mana interesting and fun to play. Just as with Zelda II - Amida's Curse, the focus of Embers of Mana will lie on the joy of exploration. Modern design choices will make sure that the game is fun to play for both experienced and novice players.


Final Fantasy Adventure is a black and white Gameboy game. Embers of Mana will upgrade the black and white palette to a fully colorized one. This means that Embers of Mana will be playable in color on a Gameboy Color or Gameboy Advance. Note: The colors in the screenshots are a placeholder using the Super Gameboy graphical capabilities.

Release 2025

Development of Embers of Mana is well underway. It will take a while before the game is ready for release.

The release is planned for 2025.


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