Ok Impala!

A completely fresh Mario Kart!

Super Mario Kart is rightly considered a classic. The release of this game in 1992 was the start of the Kart-Racing genre. It speaks to it's quality that to this day many people are still enjoying this fun game!


Epic Racers gives you the change to relive the classic Mario Kart experience in a completely fresh way. It's like you are playing the game for the first time again!

8 new drivers ready for action

Epic Racers brings you a whole new roster of drivers. Will you choose the agile Impala? Or are you preferring the brute force of Troll?


Each driver has his own set of characteristics and items. Try them all to suit your driving style!

24 new tracks to explore

So, you know all those classic Mario Kart tracks by heart? Then see if you can beat these new tracks? All tracks in Epic Racers are build from the ground up. The A.I. is meticulously tested to work in these new environments. And do you enjoy multiplayer battle mode? We've got you covered with 4 new Battle arena's!

Coming soon...

Development of Super Mario Kart - Epic Racers started in 2003. We're pleased to announce that we are nearing completion on this ambitious project. Come back soon to find the free download here!