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Mana has disappeared from the world. Monsters roam the land. A young girl in search of her missing family crosses paths with destiny. Will the Mana Tree blossom once again? Or will Darkness reign supreme?

One day Link finds a portal to a strange land. Curious he starts exploring the magical world of Amida. Little does he know, that he's on a brand new adventure that will take him to places he couldn't have imagined. Amida has a deep emotional link to our hero. Can Link unravel the secrets of Amida and return to his own world?

Super Mario Kart - Epic Racers gives you the change to relive the classic Mario Kart experience in a completely fresh way. New tracks, new drivers, new graphics and new gameplay rules. It's like you are playing Super Mario Kart for the first time again!

This classic ROM hack saw the light in 2002. It was the first Super Mario Kart hack ever released. In this updated version you can once again battle it out with your friends on four brand new Battle Courses.